going on a hiatus because i know this month is going to be crazy for me and the work load is already kicking in :cccc sorry guys! but the next time i’ve got some free time i’m hoping to update my theme and blog just in general; so that should be exciting~ again, sorry and thanks for still following me even though i hardly post ever! i love you all!


dear diary,

i finally got to 15 followers on tumblr. i’m trying really hard to not let the fame get to my head but it’s difficult. today some lady at the supermarket asked me if i wanted paper or plastic bags and i just f*****cking lost it i am too famous for her questions. i can’t believe i haven’t been asked to do a magazine cover yet. i feel like it is coming soon. 

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. by *haco* on Flickr.

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hanafubuki; falling cherry blossoms in Tokyo

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